DIY In-Ear Support



A DIY in-ear support for when your earphones fall off during physical activity.

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Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

• glue gun

• glue sticks

• earphone sleeves

• scissors or cutter

• parchment paper

• pencil

• toy egg/toy capsule (optional)

• foam (optional)

Step 2: Outline Your "support."

Draw a curved number seven for your ear "support." It should follow the shape of your concha. Draw another part at the top left, this will be attached to your earphone sleeves.

(ear image source:

Step 3: Fill In.

With your glue gun, fill in the outline you've drawn. Make sure that you've waited long enough for the glue stick to be heated, so that the flow is continuous.

Step 4: Cut and Insert.

Cut a slit on your earphone sleeves as seen in the picture. Make sure the slit is big enough for the ear support to fit, but not too big that it falls off.

Step 5: You're Done!

You're done!


I used a toy capsule and foam for my case. You can use a toy egg and cut out a piece of foam for your ear support case. You can fit your earphones here too!



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