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Introduction: DIY Instabrace!

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Thanks to our hackerspace, The Rabbit Hole, and Instructables, we had a build night with Instamorph! Here, I show how to make a wrist brace/warmpack for when you are clumsy like we are!


  • Boiling Water
  • Instamorph pellets
  • Small crockpot to keep water warm

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Step 1: Prepare Your Instamorph

Instamorph is a neat plastic pellet material which melts in hot water and allows you to reshape it.

Put the pellets in the crockpot and add boiling water. This will cause the pellets to become clear and start sticking to each other. When most of it is clear, you can take it out and work with it to make it one solid piece. Note, that as the hot water comes out of the different pellet pores, it will still be hot!

Step 2: Stretch the Instamorph

Once you have it pliable enough (this may require putting it back into the water a couple of times), stretch it out so that it can wrap around your wrist.

You will have about 3-5 minutes of working time before it becomes quite stiff.

Step 3: Form Around Your Wrist

There are a couple of ways you can wrap this around your wrist. You can either make a long and skinny piece that you wrap around your wrist and forearm, or you can make a large piece that only half wraps around your wrist.

Once it cools down, the plastic will harden and allow you to make it into a brace for your wrist.

Be sure to not wrap it all the way around your arm without a way for your wrist to come out, otherwise you will have to cut it off when it completely cools down!

Also, you may remember I mentioned it could be a heat pack for your wrist. The Instamorph holds onto its heat for a decent amount of time even if it isn't enough heat to be pliable - about 30 minutes or so. So if you wanted a warm pack for your wrist, you could stick it into hot water for a couple of minutes and use it for the next half hour!

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