DIY Installation PIVOT Voltage Stabilizer and Grounding Cables in Car



Introduction: DIY Installation PIVOT Voltage Stabilizer and Grounding Cables in Car

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Today I going to show you how to DIY Installation PIVOT Voltage Stabilizer and Grounding Cables in Toyota Vios.

I bought 2 items, car voltage stabilizer, Pivot Raizin VS-1 for RM145 and Grounding cable HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point for RM65. Based on the Pivot Raizin VS-1 description written on the packaging label, the product able to improve car performance, save vehicle fuel and enhance the electronic parts in the vehicle when use it together with grounding cables. The Pivot Raizin VS-1 stabilizes the voltage supply from the alternator and battery, and reduce electrical noise from the car circuitry. You may also refer the details of the DIY PIVOT Voltage Stabilizer and Grounding Cable

Step 1: How to DIY to Install Car Voltage Stabilizer (PIVOT RAIZIN VS-1) and Grounding Cable (HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point)

Technically, I don’t expect any performance upgrade from this product as what it has claimed on the packaging description as below image. As long as car circuitry has proper grounding and the circuit connection are still working in optimum level, there is no reason for user to install this device into their vehicle.

Trust me, I am Electronic & Electrical Engineering student once before This product would be useful for those who have older car, that is more than 8-10 years where the car already have bad circuitry connection, then this voltage stabilizer and grounding cables are able to improve the old car circuitry connection and improve the car performance.

By the way, since my car is still consider new car(my Toyota Vios is only 3-4 years old from the day it built), you must be wondering why I still buying these products since the products are not going to give me any performance upgrade to my car. The reason I bought this Pivot Raizin VS-1 and HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point is for exterior outlook enhancement It’s looks cool when we open our car engine bay and saw the cool blue gadget with colorful cables surrounding the engine bay, don’t you think so? Now, let’s move on to the DIY installation section: DIY Voltage Stabilizer Pivot Raizin VS-1 Installation to the Car Battery The voltage stabilizer Pivot Raizin VS-1 circuitry is very simple, the product is only consist the 4 main components which is the capacitor and some other resistors, inductor and LED as indicator.

The 1st step of the installation is to affix acrylic strong double sided tape on the back case of the Pivot Raizin VS-1. Pivot Raizin VS-1 and acrylic strong double sided tape.

Open the car engine bay and locate the right place to install the voltage stabilizer Pivot Raizin VS-1.**Caution: Try to install the voltage stabilizer at the location where water unlikely to sip in into the device. This Pivot Raizin VS-1 case is not fully waterproof. There is a small gap at the negative terminal.

**The instruction sheet has proposed to the user to install the cable terminals facing downward so that the water would be less likely to sip into the circuit. Clean the surface where we would affix the Pivot Raizin VS-1 onto it. Ensure the voltage stabilizer cable terminal able to connect to the car battery terminal without overstretching the cables. For me, I affix my voltage stabilizer on the top of the fuse box with the terminal facing inward to the car body. Pivot Raizin VS-1 connect to the car battery

The voltage stabilizer Pivot Raizin VS-1 red terminal is connected to the positive terminal while the black terminal is connected to the negative terminal of the battery. Unscrew both of the battery terminal connectors and connect the Pivot cables then tighten back the screw as image below:Voltage Stabilizer Connected to Positive Terminal of the Car Battery

The beautiful blue LED of Pivot Raizin VS-1 will light up if we make the right connection.

Step 2: Step 2: DIY Grounding Cable Installation

We are done with the installation voltage stabilizer Pivot Raizin VS-1 to the car battery Next, we going to install the grounding cables in the engine bay. These installation steps take much longer time as I having difficulty to find the right points to connect the cables to the certain location, moreover some of the point are difficult to perform the grounding cables installation.Grounding Cable (HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point) Installation The grounding cable packaging come with 4 set of screws and nuts, 5 cables and negative terminal connector extender.

The HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-points grounding cable come with 5 different length of cables.Grounding Cable HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point Grounding Cable HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point Different Length The 5 points that are recommended to connect the ground cable is from the Pivot Raizin:

i) Car Bulk head – This will improve our car electronic system; ICE and ECU

ii) Car Body – Stabilized electronic system such as ICE and better headlamp brightness

iii) Engine Cylinder Block – This will improve firing system from the spark plug; give better performance

iv) Alternator – Increased stability of of electricityv) Distributor/Starter – Improve engine starting and plug firing; better performance

Now let’s install the grounding cables into the car. The first point installation is at the Toyota Vios Bulk Head point. Choose the appropriate cable length that fit the length of the cable connection. Grounding Cable HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point at VVT-i Bulk Head Then connect the next cable to the the car body.

This is the 1st way connection to the negative terminal way. There are 2 more to go. Use cable ties to tie the cable, the cable tie will prevent the grounding cable from moving around and prevent it from melting in case the cable accidentally touched the hot part. Grounding Cable HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point at VVT-i Car Body The 2nd connection would be from the negative terminal battery to the engine cylinder.

In order to reach the the screwing part, I have to remove the engine cover. The engine cover can be remove by unscrew the 4 screws.

The next cable would be connected to the alternator. Secure the cable with cable tie and put back the engine cover and screw back the 4 screws.

The 3rd connection would be connected from the negative terminal of the car battery to the car’s distributor or starter of the car.

Secure the grounding cable with cable tie after the cable is connected as per below diagram: Grounding Cable HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point at VVT-i Distributor Ensure the grounding cables and screws and nuts are fully tightened.

Do let me know if you are having problem to locate the installation points of the grounding cables, I am ready to help you. If you find this post is interesting, please help to share this post to your buddies and don’t forget give us a ‘Like’ at the bottom of the post! Read the DIY at



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