DIY Interior Design Beds and Bedside Table

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In my flat I used to have a bed made of recycled wooden pallets, but after few years it became completely uncomfortable and I had the feeling it could crack in any time.

So I start thinking about an alternatives to the wooden pallets, despite they are easy to find, practical to use and basically for free.

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Step 1: Why PlayWood?

Talking to a friend, he suggested me to use two different qualities of wooden boards mainly for two reasons:

the structure would have been more solid and robusttwo wooden shades are more pleasant to see than the cheapest pallets wood I could find in a landfill. I heard my friend and decided to realize my brand new bad using fir layers panels and OSB with white bilaminate edged; I bought them in a common DIY store, where I also asked about their thickness: Each boards is between 16 and 19 mm thick (¾” and ⅞”), thus I already decided to assemble my project through PlayWood angle connectors. (Of course you may use metal angle connectors, as well.) I rather use them because they are made of top-quality recycled plastic materials and they are sustainable for the environment, extremely practical and simple to use.

Step 2: What Do I Need?

For the realization of this design I used:

  • 8 Connectors 90°
  • 8 Connectors 105°
  • 8 Fir Layers Boards 40 x 30 cm - 15,75” x 11,81”
  • 1 OSB + White Bilaminated Edged Board 200 x 100 cm - 78,74” x 39,37”
  • 1 OSB + White Bilaminated Edged Board 100 x 30 cm - 39,37” x 11,81”

Step 3: How Do I Build It?

The assembly wasn’t really hard to do: quite the opposite!

Firstly I joint two small boards through two angle connector 105°; I did the same action with other two small boards and connected these structures with other two PlayWood angles 105° and a long fir layers board. Doing so, I realized the basement of my bed.

After that I began creating my bedside table: The simplest thing ever! 4 small OSB boards joint through 4 angle connectors.

Eventually, I put the largest OSB board on the top of the previously obtained basement and in very few steps I decorated my bedroom in a cheap and fast way!

Step 4: What Are You Waiting For?

That’s the beauty of DIY projects: I feel completely fulfilled and happy with the result and, more importantly, each piece I used can be recycled and assembled in many different ways, thanks to the versatile assembly system.

Step 5: Tutorial

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