DIY Iron Man Arc Reactor

For Halloween I was planning on being a cyborg, it didn't work out, but I did get this part finished.

Note: I made this Instructable after it was built, so I am not able to get pictures of parts of the inside of the Arc Reactor.

Step 1: Supplies

-1 string of 11 blue lights with a coin cell battery pack (from

-some scrap metal or plastic pieces (for decoration)

-a metal or plastic ring (about 8cm in diameter)

-a plastic garbage bag

-Velcro (optional)

Step 2: Tools

-Hot glue gun

-Heat gun (hair dryer might work)

-X-acto knife

-Scissors (optional)

Step 3: Building the Arc Reactor

1. Cut a piece of cardboard with the exact dimensions of the inside of your ring.

2. Cut/Drill a hole in the middle of the piece of cardboard.

3. Feed the lights through the cardboard

4. Glue the lights to the cardboard in whatever pattern you want (this side is the front)

5. Glue the battery pack to the back o f the cardboard.

6. cut a piece of plastic bag that is a little bit bigger that the piece of carboard

7. Place the piece of plastic bag on the front of the cardboard and shrink it over with the heat gun.

8. glue the cardboard+lights+plastic bag inside of your plastic/metal ring.

9. add whatever decoration you want to the front of the arc reactor (be careful if you are using a hot glue gun or something with heat to add the decorations because you don't ant to melt the plastic to much)

optional-glue some Velcro to the back of the arc reactor so that you can attach it to a shirt or another piece of Velcro on a strap to go around your chest.



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