DIY Jar Lamp

Introduction: DIY Jar Lamp

that is the final result.

scroll to see how to make one yourself

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Step 1: The Materials Needed

(x1) jar

(x1) Artificial turf (false grass)

(x1) paper

(x1) pair of compasses

(x1) soldering iron & solder

(x1) switch(on/off)

(x1) battery holder(3 aa batteries)

(x1) leds

(x1) wires

(x1) scissors

Step 2: Step 1

take the jar and with a pair of compasses trace to circle on a paper

Step 3: Step 2

cut the paper trace.

and mark the circumference of the circle on the artificial turf

then, cut the turf and place it inside of the jar (can be glued in place but not mandatory)

Step 4: Step 3

turn up your soldering iron

and bring the LEDs

and solder the black terminal of the led to the negative side of the battery holder

and then solder the red terminal of the led to the positive side of the battery holder

Step 5: Step 4

cut the black wire that is solder to the battery holder to two pieces (in the middle)

take the "ON\OFF" switch and solder one of its pins the black wire and the other pin of the switch to the other black wire

Step 6: Step 5

put the battery holder on top of the jar (it supposed to be aligned with the jar's ring(if it's not fitting, use file or sandpaper)

Step 7: Step 6

put something on top of the grass (in my case a smurf with suicide rope hanging, the rope is glued between the LEDs

Step 8: Step 7

enjoy your creation.

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    2 years ago

    maybe next time i will combine it with a night activated circuit