DIY Jumper Cables

How to create your own jumper cables which is cost effective for Arduinos and breadboards and prototyping circuits!

Step 1: Tools & Materials


Soldering iron
Knife or wire strippers


Heat shrink
Header sil strips

Step 2: Step One - the Wires

1. Cut your wires to the length you want.

2. Strip the ends of the wire about 4/5mm

3. Solder the ends of the wire on both sides.
(carefull not to burn yourself! )

Step 3: Step Two - Header Sils

1. Solder the short ends of the header sils.

Step 4: Final Step

1. Solder together the header sils to ONE end of the wire.

2. Cut the heat shrink to size. (enough to cover exposed wires)

3. Slip the two pieces of heat shrink on the wire.

4. Solder on the remaining header sil on to the end of the wire.

5. Heat the heat shrink with a soldering iron so that it covers the wires.



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    This is a good skill builder exercise, soldering and organization are called for, as well as a good use of scrap wire short lengths. Sometimes it's not all about price, you can't put a value on the proficiency one can gain from this simple task.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes I must agree with you its great for improving or learning those skills and I very much enjoyed doing this!