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Hey guys, this is my first DIY ever on instructables so I hope you like. The videos are long because I like to show alot of what I am doing as if the person who is watching is a beginner. From now on I will be making shorter and easier outfits lol.

What you will need etc is in the video soooo sit back with a glass of wine and watch the vid. Hope you enjoy !!!

Step 1: Watch the Video

In this video, you will see how I draft the pattern from a pair of jeans I own , and adjust it to fit me (due to the big contrast with regards to the stretch of the cloth used), how I drafted a pattern from the newly fitting pant , how I made the neck pattern and pants facing.

Step 2: Watch Part 2

This video deals with making the pattern for the top , drafting it and adjusting it . As well as sewing it, assembling it , adding it to the neck piece and attaching it to the bottom of the jumpsuit. You will also see how I attach the zipper

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    3 years ago

    I love that you drew up your patterns from scratch! You've got some real talent.

    Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for appreciating it !