DIY KAWAII Japanese Dumplings/Gyoza Polymer Clay, I MISS JAPAN SERIES

Welcome to and all-new I MISS JAPAN tutorial! This time I decided to make some kawaii dumplings, since I keep craving them these days! They are pretty simple to make and you only need a few materials! Have fun!! :D

Some gyoza folding tutorials that inspired me: -Serious Eats: -Ochikeron: (at 1:52 ) at

DIY BACON BOW and EGG RING/Polymer Clay Tutorial/Breakfast Accessories :P

DIY PIKACHU Tea bag holder POLYMER CLAY tutorial/POKEMON GO inspired

Here are the materials you will need: -Tan, translucent, and brown clay -Black, white, and pink paint -Round cookie cutter -Rolling pin -Soft pastels -Paintbrushes -Xactoknife -Needle tool and dotting tool -Eyepins -Necklace chain -Translucent liquid sculpey -Glaze (I use wood varnish, but show the fimo one, since I don't have the wood varnish pot anymore :P)

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