DIY Kaleidoscope

Introduction: DIY Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope's create really interesting displays of color and shapes. While playing with some leftover metal bars, I discovered that they create perfect kaleidoscopes. After about an hour of work, I made a perfect kaleidoscope attachment for any camera, SLR point and shoot, or even disposable.

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Step 1: Gather Your Parts

There are few parts you need for this project, 5 actually:

1. A square aluminum tube 1/2 in in size any length over 12 inches long
2. some cardboard
3. an old/cheap tripod
4. aluminum foil
5. tape of some sort, i used
6. plastic cone*

the cone is optional, you can use all cardboard for the cone part if you wish

Step 2: Put the Stuff Together

Depending on the opening of you cone, cut cardboard to keep the metal tube from moving around.
Then make another cardboard holder to keep the tube centered inside the cone
Use whatever tape/glue you have to secure the cardboard.

Cut one part of the cone out so that it sits flush with the camera lense. This will differ with your camera/tripod setup.

Make a bridge out of cardboard to put between the legs of the tripod and the metal tube. I used zip ties to keep it there, but you can tape or glue it.

To keep the kaleidoscope in place i wrapped tape around it on both sides of the bridge

Step 3: Take Pictures!

You're done!
Align the camera lens with the end of the tube and start taking some pictures!

I suggest some flowers, or a brick building, the siding on a house is interesting too, anything bright, just don't point it at the sun, that's just not smart...

You can view the hundreds of photos I've taken so far (and any new ones I take later) over here and a here's a slideshow them . Here's my blog post about it.

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