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Introduction: DIY Knife - CS Go Karambit

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In this tutorial i show how to build a simple homemade knife. The knife is modelled after the CS go karambit and is made out of a saw blade and some wood. The knife works well, cuts smoothly and holds and edge.

To see the video of the knife and how its make, check it out here


-saw blade


-clothes hanger

- epoxy


- angle grinder or hacksaw

- bench grinder

- Drill or drill press (optional)

- electric sander (optional)

Step 1: Making a Rough Outline

To start the knife you must first cut out the rough shape of the knife. To do this, i start off by printing up an outline of the knife i will be making. The outline can be obtained from the first image above. you may have to put the picture into word or something and stretch it larger before printing.

Once it is printed up, I cut out the outline of the knife and trace it onto a saw blade. The saw blade i used was not hardened steel, hardened steel blades will be much harder to work with and drill through.

I then put the saw blade in a vice and cut out the general shape of it with and angle grinder. Be sure to remove as much material as possible with the angle grinder. A hacksaw can also be used instead to cut out the rough shape, however using a hacksaw can be very tedious. The final picture was the rough shape i brought the metal down to. I ended up removing a little more material with the angle grinder after taking that picture

Step 2: Getting the Shape of the Blade

Now using the bench grinder, i grind away material until i get the outline seen in the second picture. After grinding away more material, i finally get to the blade seen in the last picture.

Step 3: Drilling a Finger Hole

The knife we are modelling after, the karambit, has a hole in the end of it large enough for and index finger to fit through. To obtain this hole i use a drill or drill press to drill through the back of the handle.

Step 4: Adding an Edge to the Blade

The next step is to add and edge to the blade. To do this i use the bench grinder to create and edge and then i continue to use it to remove material from the face of the knife. This yeailds the knife that can be seen in the second picture.

Upon finishing, i decided if i were to do this again i would not use the bench grinder to clean up the face of the knife because it removed too much material and left deep gouges

Step 5: Smoothing the Blade

To leave a nice shiny finish on the blade i use an electric sander to work my way up to 320 grit sandpaper. Upon finishing with the 320 grit paper i finish it off with 600 grit sandpaper by hand.

Note that this entire step can be done with only sandpaper but it would take a long time

Step 6: Making a Handle

To make a handle, i trace the outline from the sheet of paper onto a piece of wood. I the cut the piece of wood out and drill 2 holes the to stick the pins through. I then use cut out of clothes hanger and insert them into the pin spots of the handle and blade.

Next i spray paint the knife black. Once i was satisfied with the color, i remove each face of the epoxy and add epoxy under it

Step 7: Testing

To test the knife out i first cut through paper. The knife cut through paper smoothly. Upon finishing that i also tried the knife out by cutting into chicken. This worked well and the knife managed to hold its edge

Thanks for reading to the end of the tutorial. Just as a friendly reminder, don't forget to use all the relevant safety equipment when using power tools

To see the entire test of knife and the full video on how to make it, check out my video

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    What do you removed each face of the epoxy after you painted it black?