DIY Knitted Phone Bag

Introduction: DIY Knitted Phone Bag

About: Hey there! My name is Alex and I like to make things out of nothing and teach them to you guys. I have a youtube channel named DIYwithAlex where I show step by step instructions on how to make the DIY project …

Hello! This instructable is a super easy knitted phone bag. All you really need for making this project is the basic knitting skills (like casting on, casting off, and knitting) which you can look at the example in my video. I have made a youtube video to show you how to make this cool bag. It takes a short amount of time and it is very fashionable and cute. Enjoy!

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Check the video down below!

If you want to learn how to cast on... I made a separate video to teach you guys step by step on how to cast on.

Enjoy too!

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