DIY Knot Headband




Introduction: DIY Knot Headband

We chose to make headbands out of all clothes and fabric scraps. First you must gather your material: A paper template which is 30in x 2in, whatever fabric you choose, scissors, sewing machine and push pins.

Step 1:

We took our old leggings and cut one of the legs so we could lay it flat and trace the pattern. Which again was 30in x 2in.

Step 2:

We then cut out our pattern. The headband calls for two pieces. So cut the 30in x 2in pattern twice. We did the pink with both sides of the leggings, the grey with an old shirt and the grey and white was old pieces of random fabric we had laying around.

Step 3:

We then pinned both pieces of the fabric together in preparation for sewing. Once the two sided were sewed we left a small hole on one side so that we could turn our headband right side in. This is so the seams are not showing.

Step 4:

These are the finished products. They are adorable and one size fit my 2 year old, 10 year old and me. Perfect as gifts!



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    1 year ago

    lifesaver all i gotta say thanks for the tip