DIY LED 12v DC Street Lights (Solar Compatible)




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Outdoor lights are neat nifty lights that have a wide variety of uses.

They keep your houses safe from burglars

They prevent you from tipping over wandering at night

They light the road so you drive safer

or They simply make your place look brighter and nicer.

Here we will be making totally waterproof, Low cost LED Outdoor lights that can be used as Garden lights, Street lights, Security lights or whatever you can think of!

Materials Required-

LED Heatsinks

5050 LED strip

Copper wire

Soldering Equipment


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Step 1: Find Heatsinks

Heat is mortal enemy of the LED.

Its imperative you find some decent Heatsinks for the LED. Although the LED we are using doesn't heat terribly, but the heatsink still helps. I have used some pieces of scrap Aluminum Pipes. Not only they draw heat well, They form the base of LED Fixture as well as Mounting support.

Step 2: Find the LEDs

This will depend on your Light & Voltage Requirements. We have used simple DC 12v LED strips. The benefit here is we can skip the clumsy drivers/ Resistors as these Strips are designed for run Directly on a 12v battery. Thats perfect for my 12v DC Solar project!

The LEDs I brought are SMD 5050 Waterproof & Non waterproof Strips. They come in 5 meter rolls.

The waterproof ones will be used outdoors, The regular ones will be used in shaded locations or Indoors.

Step 3: Paste Strips on Heatsink

Simply glue the strips on heatsink pipes. You can use adhesive or Hot glue. Just don't trust the adhesive backing of LED strips. Its Not good. You will also need to solder the required length of cables & Drill holes of Mounting!.

Step 4: And Thats Done!

Now what remains is to simply connect the street light to 12v battery/Switch/Transformer/sensor for your respective use. And there you have it! Simple & efficient DC LED street lights.



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