DIY LED DRL (Low Cost and No-Drill Approach)

Introduction: DIY LED DRL (Low Cost and No-Drill Approach)

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Zoom! There goes an Audi With Gleaming Pearls of LEDs called as DRLs or Daytime Running Lamps. You stand in awe, jaw dropped, Eyes popped. What a wonderful beast !!

With this easy to follow guide, You can get the LED DRL look of Expensive Cars like Audi, BMW, Merc at a Fraction of Cost on Any sort of Car. Whats more! Eye-catching looks aside, the Purpose of LED DRL is to make your car stand out and be more visible in Adverse conditions like Rain, Fog and Snow.

So what are you waiting for? These LED DRLs Enhance both the look and safety of your ride. Join me, lets make your roads a little more safer!

P.s- This is not a guide to Simply buy LED DRL form market and Install. We will actually MAKE the DRLs right from Scratch including Readying LED Module, Soldering, Wiring, Fuse Installs and so on.

However Please be advised that due to huge number of car models and variants, you may better consult your User manual or Service center/ Mechaninc for exact Instructions regarding wiring and Install. Although this guide is a No-Splice and No Drill aproach, I assume No responsiblity for any Damage And/or Loss of warranty on your Vehicle.

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Step 1: Plan It Out

Look is a Big factor in LED DRLs. Let your fantasies unfold! make the swankiest shape you dreamt of. However, Simple Curves or Angles look best and more professional.

You would want your DRLs look stock as much as possible, Cops don't seem to mind stock looking DRLs. Be careful if you're going fancy.

While Planning, you should also think about the wiring routes, power availability and durability factor. Pasting the DRLs near or around headlights is my personal favorite, as it ticks all the right boxes-

1)Looks stock

2) Power available

3) Easy to attatch

4) Looks beautiful

I'll suggest photoshopping a few shapes to give you better idea before physically making anything.

Step 2: Get the Pearls

1) Which LED?

Finding and buying the right type of LED lights are ciritical to a DRL project. With a plethora of LEDs available in market, it could get a little confusing which ones to get. As we will be following a Warranty-safe, No-Drill approach, My easiest choice was to go for LED strips. These look magnificient with gleaming pearls. They can be simple pasted on. And they don't require any fancy heatsinks or power supplies.

I will suggest go for 5050 SMD LED strip (Waterproof)

2) Colour?

I will stricly sugggest sticking to White or Warm white LEDs. These are legal and look very stock. Cops seem to be allergic to Red or Blue or some funny LED colour. Please don't make your car look like a christmas tree!

3) Brightness?

The Legal stock DRLs on most cars seem around 600 to 1100 Lumens PER side. This is what you should aim for.

Each 5050 SMD LED puts out about 15 lumens at full power. There are 60 LEDs in 1 Meter. That gives you about 900 Lumens. Perfect for our application

Step 3: Prep the LEDs

You will have to cut the LED strip to desired length. Measure twice, Cut once!

You will also need to solder the long enough wire leads. I suggest using copper wires only.

Make sure you dope the soldered joints and all exposed areas with silicon or hot glue.

Step 4: Wire Them Up

Posting detailed wiring instructions for each car is beyond the scope of this instructable. Kindly consult your local mechanic or Service center of exact wiring instruction. Wrong wiring can run you into Warranty issues or even a fire hazard! Please be careful.

Ideally, you should look for a post or Fuse that comes on with the engine and goes off as the key is removed. That way you can have automatic DRL functionality without worrying about switches.

Make sure that the DRL power Lines have an appropriate FUSE and wires are routed away from Moving/Hot Parts.

Ensure that the LEDs work before pasting them. The adhesive backing of LEDs strips is not that great so let some silicon or plastic glue help them secure firmly. Thats it!

Step 5: Flaunt!

This the best step.

Take a drive around the town or cruise down the highway. Enjoy your Gleaming pearls DRLs and feel better that you made your car a little more safe and beautiful!

Look out for my DRL mod V2 coming up soon!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    another very good option to use for led strips is looking into SIDE EMMITTING. Which would allow for a lower profile application if choosing to keep it on the outside of the headlight housing.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    another very good option to use for led strips is looking into SIDE EMMITTING. Which would allow for a lower profile application if choosing to keep it on the outside of the headlight housing.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Now that is an impressive hobby project! Well done and congratulations!