Introduction: DIY LED TESTER

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Hi Friends .

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Today in this instructable we are going to make a simple but very useful Diy project a SIMPLE LED TESTER.

Have you working with LED based project?

Yes of course we all are working with LED based projects, we need LEDs its a essential part of our project like LED cube , LED chaser Lights etc.... are some of the examples.

The reason i come up with this idea is yesterday i was just working with a LED based project for my college after completing the project i realized that some of the LEDs that iam using is already dead. My whole project gone to waste bin.

So , i come up with this idea to test my LEDs if it is work or not . this LED tester is simple to make, may take 5 minutes or less and its super cheap.

So, lets do this guys.


Firstly we need to collect all the parts that we needed to do this project.

You doesn't need much parts to do this project . Its small and cheap components, even may it is already have in your hand if you are a maker.

Here Is The Parts You Need To Collect :

  • 9volt Battery
  • 9volt Battery connector
  • 1k Resistor
  • General purpose PCB(a small piece needed)
  • Female Headers(two ports)
  • Hookup wires

Other Tools Used In This Project :

  • Soldering iron.
  • Soldering Wire.
  • Hot Glue / Instant Adhesive Glue.

I thinks that's all we needed.

After collecting all the parts lets jump to next step.


In this step we need to solder all the components on the PCB and connect each other. Take a look the schematics shown i above images and solder the components correctly.

After soldering all the components each other lets go to next step.


Now in this step we just need to glue the battery connector to the another side of the PCB. Use a hot glue gun or instant adhessive glue .

Take a look the above images and glue it perfectly.

Here i used a instant adhessive glue in this project.

Step 4: Done

Well that's all , we done. Now just take your LED and plug it in your DIY LED TESTER to check the led working or not.

Thanks guys !

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yes, it is the most Diy tools for beginners who mostly works with led based projects. i'am gonna make one myself. thanks Diy mechanics

awesome project ... i need this really bcz i'am making a project using leds...

its a primary thing before doing led based projects, thanks Diymechanics .

simple but effective.... good idea bro :)

i think beginners must need to do this project . this is my first project made through instructables. Diymechanics you are considering beginners so much thanks a lot for your project shared to us

nice and simple. Another fine example of "Why didn't I think of it"

Good idea. I need to make one of these to test the lights on my Christmas light strings this year.