DIY LENS HOOD Box-Shaped [ Square ]




Introduction: DIY LENS HOOD Box-Shaped [ Square ]

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Hi all,
This is my first DIY, a box-shaped lens hood for the camcorder.
with simple tools and materials around you, you can create a lens hood with the same functionality without spending much money. set aside time for this.

- Paper cutter
- scissors
- a ruler
- markers

- cardboard
- Adhesive (super glue)
- (Spray paint - black DOV)

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Step 1:

step I

create a line that forms the basis of the fin. would be easier if you create a basic form and make reference to the four fins are. Do not forget to add the distance in each of the fins on each side. this is to ensure that the form in order to remain robust.

make the outer diameter of the circle according to your camera lens circle followed by a larger diameter (about 10mm larger). you may need two forms of the same for this section.

create a rectangular outline for the four arms measuring 30mm x 35mm (adjustable). The fourth arm serves as a sleeve between the fins and the holder.

step II
cut "cardboard" with follow the path you created earlier. then shape into a square of cardboard. Dab glue enough on the two arms meeting.

step III
raft every piece suit each function.

Step 2:

step IV
give the final touch "DOV" using spray paint. you can sand the board in advance of each field for more refined results.

* Some images of DIY lens hood square along with other equipment attached to the Canon HF10 mine.

so-and-so much, Happy DIY !

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    7 months ago

    Great project! This inspired me to do one of my own!

    GREAT DIY PROJECT for begin filmakers...
    of course it would be easier if you provide us the measures...
    thanks Ahhmado.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    that's Great project for my semester


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction This site is awesome