DIY: Lace Hairband

Introduction: DIY: Lace Hairband

About: Hi there! I'm a 19-year old blogger on I love to create DIY's and I can't wait to share those with you.

This video will show you how to create this simple but sophisticated hairband. The design is easy and cheap, but chic.  ou'll need an elastic hairband, a piece of lace in any color you like, scissors, a needle and thread (preferably in the same color as your piece of lace). The video is in Dutch but doesn't need any further explanation. Just make sure you don't sew your lace onto the elastic, because it will break while stretching the hairband. It should be some kind of sleeve. For more pictures stay tuned until the end of the video or visit my website for more information, pics and other fun DIY's. 

Good luck and happy DIY'ing!

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