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Introduction: DIY - Laced Back T-shirt

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Hi! yes, I know I've been away for a few months, sorry! But I'm looking forward to make more videos from now on.

So for this tutorial you will need an old t-shirt, lace, pins, sewing machine and time of course :)

Good Luck! :D

Watch also the tutorial here:

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Step 1: First Step

#1: Start by cutting the neckline and sleeves of the T-shirt 

#2: You only will need one side of the t-shirt fabric cause the other is replaced with the Lace

Step 2: Second Step

#1: Remove the other piece and take the lace

#2: Safe with pins the two fabrics together 

#3: Then cut the lace like the shape of your t-shirt, leaving about 3-5 cm more.

Step 3: Third Step

#1: First make sure to do a hem on the neck

#2: To finish: sew the sides and hem.

Good Luck!! :)) 

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