DIY: Land Paddle Board Stick (SUP)




I wanted to try land paddle boarding, but I didn't have a "land paddle". I searched the internet looking for one and the only one found was the Big Kahuna Land Paddling stick for about $90+. I thought I could make my own for much cheaper. The video below will show you how I made my land paddling stick for under $20. The materials needed for this project includes: 1-1/2 inch dowel (The length of the dowel should be going from the ground to forehead level when standing on your long board), a tennis ball, wood glue, scissors or a sharp object to cut a tennis ball and vinyl grip tape (optional).  For step by step instructions watch the video below! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Have fun land paddling! 



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    3 years ago

    Oooo check this one out..


    3 years ago

    If your tennis ball wears out too easily, try using a lacrosse ball like I did. You will need to bore a hole the width of your dowel in the ball, though.

    15, 2:42 AM.jpg15, 2:42 AM.jpg

    Please be careful cutting the tennis ball, do not hold it in your hand when cutting!!! Place it on a solid surface. I messed up my left hand permanently by trying to separate frozen meat patties and cutting the tendon. Otherwise, this looks pretty cool.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Does the wood glue actually stick to the rubber in the tennis ball? 5-minute epoxy might be a better way to go, or use a small bolt through the dowel and 2 of the flaps, that way you can change your tennis ball when it wears out.