DIY Laptop Case




Introduction: DIY Laptop Case

It's a do it yourself case that brings character to home made gifts. A sewing machine is required so you will need to have some experience with that.
You need:
Fusing heating fabric
Patterned fabric
Sewing machine
Sewing string
Velcro squares
Hot glue gun

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Step 1: Measurements

You need to measure the dimensions of your laptop and keep in mind that you need to allow space for extra fabric. The measurements allow for an idea of how much fabric you need

Step 2: Fusing

You will use an iron to fuse your two fabrics together. Make sure to fuse on the side which your pattern is not on.

Step 3: Cut

Make sure you cut the dimensions of your measurements in a straight line. (Use ruler)

Step 4: Pins

Use pins to hold your fabric in place. It will allow easy removal as you move up and down your sewing machine

Step 5: Sew One Width Length

You need to fold one width length inward. It will provide a smooth edge to your pouch make sure when sewing, you stay in a straight line.

Step 6: Side Length

You will fold your laptop case as if inside-out and sew along the edges. You will sew as high as your laptop is in width.

Step 7: Bottom Fold

At this point, your laptop case will be inside out. Make sure your stitches run all the way

Step 8: Creating a Hem

A hem is just a fancy word for the edge of your clothing that has been blipped and sewn (border or trim).

Your top flap will not have been sown together. You will need to close off the two lady and right sides first. Then closing off the top. (As in step 3) note the picture, you are folding your flaps backwards from your first close off in step 3)

Step 9: Top Flap

Your stitches will run about a finger lengths away from the edge. Be sure to sew in a straight line

Step 10: Fold Inside Out

You should see the silhouette of your laptop case

Step 11: Excess String

You should cut any extra string remaining on your laptop case

Step 12: Buttons

Find a place to sew your buttons, make sure to hold in place firmly as to not move them and have them crooked.

Step 13: Velcro

You will apply the Velcro squares on the top right and left corners on the inside of your top flap. Attach using hot glue or any adhesive

Step 14: Soft Velcro

Make sure to align your second piece correctly, otherwise it will not stick

Step 15: Ta-Da

Allow Velcro to sit and dry. And now you have yourself a new laptop case:)

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    4 years ago

    Cute! I love your fabric!