DIY Laptop Table for Car at No Cost Eco Friendly.

Introduction: DIY Laptop Table for Car at No Cost Eco Friendly.

Things you will need :

1. A strong Cardboard Box.

2. Strap or Rope or any flexible string to hang it from top

3. Cutter or Scissor.

4. Hooks or Clips.

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Step 1:

To make low cost laptop table for your car without spending
a penny, the very first thing you will need is a cardboard box. You can take
any box but as it is going to be the top surface of our table, it is
recommended that you choose a box made of hard or strong cardboard. I took the packing
box of my laptop.

Step 2:

Next open the box and cut the opening flap in such a way
that it can be reclosed but this time it should enter into the box. You will
understand better by having a look at the below image. This will be the top
surface of our hanging table.

Step 3:

After you are done, you will have to make rectangular holes
at the four corners of our table. But before doing that you will have to find
something that you will pass through it to make it hang. Select something that
is easily available and strong enough to hold the weight of your Laptop and
then make the holes according to the size. I used a wide strap which I found in
my garage (don’t know what it was doing there from past so many years). It will
also help in adjusting the height of your table.

Now pass the strap through the four rectangular holes. Try
to pass it in a cross pattern so that it adds additional strength to your

Step 4:

That’s it. You have completed your table. Now the next thing
is to make it hang in the car. You can use anything like hooks or clips to hang
the table.

I choose these plastic locks. I got them from my school
backpack. :-P. I stuck their one end to the body of car and the other one to my
table. With the help of these, you can easily detach the table from car when
it’s not needed. You have to look at your car for all possible places to hang
your table and do this step accordingly.

Step 5:

After completion, it will look like this. Your own hanging
laptop table that you made without spending a penny. If you want you can also
color it.

Now your table is ready to use. You will need to get fixed a
charging socket in your car and to get better visibility on the screen of
laptop, you will need to reduce the light coming from windows by putting a

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