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Well, laptop cooling stand is the essential thing if your laptop accidentally starts acting as an oven.. :P    is fuming hot air and making the surface irritable to work with. 

So here is what I had made a month ago, to help my laptop. 

All the stands here  are made out of MDF, a kind of wood.  Made them at a friend's woodworking shop. 

You could make these of different materials, maybe thick cardboard or acrylic sheet or any other material which is at your disposal. 

Items required : 
  • a small sheet of MDF                    [to build the pad]
  • Band saw                                        [to do the cutting]
  • nails                                                  [to fix the joints well]
  • glue                                                   [pour at the joints]
  • DC Fan 12V                                     [optional but highly recommended! :) ]
  • USB cable                                        [to connect the fan to the USB port of the laptop]
  • Soldering iron                                 

Important design tip : 
Maximize open space while taking care of the required strength and convenience. 

Step 1: Laptop Stand 1.0

This is the first pad that we made. 
Simple, neat,easy to make! :) 
  • Due to the open spaces, it allowes a lot of ventilation for the hot air. 
  • The attachments on the front end are just to not let the laptop slip forward. 
  • This is a non-foldable stand 
  • It is a little difficult to sneak this one into a backpack.

Step 2: Laptop Stand 1.1

  • We added hinges on the side joints and in the center of the base to make a foldable pad.
  • It can fit into a backpack quite easily! 
  • We also added a 12V DC fan for faster and better cooling. 
  • We drilled a few holes on the chassis for more air flow. 
  • The fan doesn't consume much current from the laptop so dont worry! :)  

Step 3: Laptop Stand 1.2 [the Minimalist Design! :) ]

This is the latest version of the board that we built. 

Additional materials required for this design : 
  • Thin metal rods 
  • Nuts and bolts 
  • Small wooden cyclindrical spacers [to push inverted bolts onto those and  then put the spacers on the ends of the metal rods ]

  • Super light weight. 
  • Super sleek 
  • When dis-assembled, takes very little space! 

So if you too have a laptop which is in bad health, then get going and make one of these.. 

Happy D.I.Y.ing!  :D 



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I like that steel rod version. It looks clean and very easy to make with out many tools. I will try this tomorrow. (Now to incorporate the fans to draw out the heat.)

    hi nirzaree! these look great, I've been needing something like this for my desk. do you have the measurements for these?

    2 replies

    Heyya Amanda! :)

    I am currently away from home, where the stands are. But I ll post the exact measurements soon!

    As of now, I can give some details on how we made these.

    Inclination of around 20-25 degrees is ok. More inclination (as in the 1.0 version) is not very convenient.

    The size of the base is the same as that of the laptop.

    The height of the stand has to be an optimized value between convenience and more space for air flow. Around 2.5 cm in the front and around 4cm on the read end should be ok..
    But you can play with the values.. You can at the most end up with a little inconvenient stand, nothing more. It would be functional in any case.. :)