DIY Laser Spy Microphone




Introduction: DIY Laser Spy Microphone

In this video I'll show you how you can make a laser spy microphone for under $20 in parts!



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    will it work if i use a bluetooth instead of a sound amplifier ? even if it works , how to connect bluetooth to lappy? can u answer me plzzzzz?

    Thank you! I've been putting out a new project every Tuesday for the last 7 weeks. I'm working hard to keep up the pace. I'm glad you enjoyed this video.

    hey, do you think if you reflect it off a plastic piece placed against the chest that you could perhaps pick up an audio of a heartbeat?

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    That is a really interesting idea. I have no idea if it would work but it would be fun to try. You might have to have the person hold their breath, and they would have to stay very still. If you were to try this, I would recommend using a piece of retro-reflective tape. That way if the subject moves around a little bit your laser beam will still get reflected right back to your sensor. You might also need some filtering because a heart beat would likely be very quiet and with the laser microphone I found that there tends to be a lot of "light noise" coming from other light sources.

    So I got nearly everything I need together. Got the reflective tape, going to make a dark cone(the top of a 2L soda bottle cut off and taped up) with the reflective tape facing inward taped to the mouth of the cone and have my laser pointer and amplifier on the inside of the cone at the right angle to catch the laser. Just wondering with the wiring, do you recommend I solder stuff on/together or is it acceptable to just tie wires up and tape them with electrical tape?