DIY Latching Relay System

Introduction: DIY Latching Relay System

Something I sketched in my Electrical Wiring class. Short but sweet.  And very easy,  No electronics needed!!!  Feel free to ask any questions  : D



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    You only need one relay to make it latching, just connect the NO relay output back to the coil, add a switch in line if you want so you can break the latching. It'll stay on until the power is removed, or you break the feedback.

    I suggest you try this circuit. It won't work, unless your supply is twice the voltage rating of your relays.

    A better circuit would use a DPST relay, and then you only need one coil.


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    Yeah you're right, i meant to draw that as a parallel circuit. I was only half-awake when i sketched this. You could also use a DPST relay as stated before. Thanks