DIY Lawnball Backyard Game

Introduction: DIY Lawnball Backyard Game

This backyard game is not only easy to build, but it's also fun, easy to play, and barely takes up space. The lawn ball backyard game can be built for under $40. It takes around 1-3 hours to build, but the hours of fun outweigh the cost and time it takes to build.

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Step 1: Materials

  • Pipe 4 in. diameter (Pipe can be substituted for another pipe with a smaller diameter, as long as smaller balls are used)
  • 2 - 14 in. long pieces of wood
  • 2 - 13. in long pieces of wood
  • A square piece of wood 14 in. in length & width
  • 12 screws
  • Paint (You can paint it whatever colour you want)
  • Strong Glue
  • 2 - 4 Tennis balls
  • Stick on numbers (Optional, painting works as well)

Step 2: Measure & Cut Your Pipe

All the pipes have to be cut on an angle (It makes the game more challenging). The pipe should be cut with the following measurements:

3 - 6.5 in.

2 - 5.5 in.

1 - 4.5 in.

Paint with whatever colour you want. Stick on the numbers, or paint them on. The 6.5 in. pipes should have the number 1, the 5.5 in. pipes should have the number 3, and the 4.5 in pipes should have the number 5

Step 3: Build Your Box

Use 2 pieces of wood 14 in. in length and 2 pieces of wood 13 in. in length, drill them together to form a square. Cover the top with the square piece of wood and drill it to the wooden square. Sand as needed, and paint with whatever colour you want.

Step 4: Assemble the Game

Glue the pipes to the top of the box, gather tennis balls (or another ball of your choice), paint numbers onto the pipes (stickers/labels work as well), and start playing. Enjoy.

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    1 year ago

    This is so cool! How did you cut your pipe?