DIY Lazy Susan With Spinners!!!

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Have you ever wanted one of those cool spiny things that hold your food, drinks or snacks? But they are expensive right? ( BTW they are called lazy susans ) I am here to give you the most simple instructable on how to make your own!

HUGE DISCLAIMER... It is my hard and fast rule that I never follow Instructables completely! (unless its dangerous) Why you ask? Because if we always follow the beaten path how will we EVER learn how to do things different or more exiting? That's why I encourage you to take my work and make it stronger, or in any way better. Then let me know in the comments below!


Step 1: Gather Materials (The Boring Part)

The first thing is to gather materials!!!

  2. Tape or glue or screws or some other type of fastener
  3. The object you want to make into a Lazy Susan (I am using a board game)

Step 2: Attach the Spinner to Your Board

As I said earlier I am using a game board, but what ever you are using, attach your spinner to the bottom of it using your preferred fastener!!! I am using a fidget spinner I made instead of a store bought one.

Step 3: Use It! (yeah I Know Its a Cheesy Title)

Now add fruit, or play games on it, or add drinks, or sit and spin on it like a toy... well maybe not the last one.

Thank you one and all for reading my instructable! if you thought my humor was funny or stupid please let me know in the comments below!




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    1 year ago

    great way to recycle board games, love it,,,,looks retro!


    1 year ago

    enjoyed this instructable. Funny and informative.

    1 reply