DIY Leather Hair Bows

How adorable are these? Best part? You can make them too, and they are a cinch! Literally, these take less than a minute to make!

When I ran my first piece of leather through this fabulous machine, my jaw dropped. It cut through this rather thick piece of leather like buttah! SO naturally I decided to try pushing the limits and layered two pieces of leather, and again – like butter! (That’s two leather bows with one quick roll through the machine!)
I am so excited to walk you through the steps! Here’s what you are going to need:

Platinum 6 Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

Spellbinders “Bow-tique” steel rule die

Leather Hot temp glue gun and sticks

Alligator clips

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Step 1:

Create your sandwich. From the bottom up you will layer the following. Clear cutting plate, die facing up, leather finished side down, clear cutting plate.

Step 2:

Roll it through! Then pick your jaw up off of the table – from the shock – it’s that smooth and EASY! (Here I am doing with my broken hand – hot pink cast and all!)

***You’ll see that my plates are no longer lined up in this picture and it will ruin the cut if you’re not careful, so please learn from my mistake and make sure your plates stay aligned once you’ve begun to roll your stack through your machine***

Step 3:

Assemble your bow.

Step 4:

Clip them into the nearest head of hair you can find!

Another option is to add these to elastic, to be used as headbands. These make the best gifts for girls of all ages AND how cute would one of these be, as a bow tie for boys with a little elastic or bow clip attachment!?

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    3 years ago

    If you very carefully burn the back of the leather with a lighter, you can prevent the suede from fraying and making the bows look sloppy after one or two wears.