DIY Leather Tassle Bag Charm




This is a super easy DIY to add a pop of colour to your keys or your bag!

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Step 1: Materials

You'll Need:

Approx 12m of leather lace.

1.2" Diameter Split Ring with Lobster Clasp

Side cutters (or Scissors)

Leather Needle (or one with a wide enough eye to fit your leather through)

Step 2:

Set a 30" length of leather aside. Then establish how long you want each strip of leather to be by cutting a strip and testing it out in your keyring. Once you're happy, measure the length...Find a book (or similar) who's circumference is roughly double the length that you want and wrap the remainder of the leather repeatedly and snugly around it...

Step 3:

Cut the loops at either end and you'll have a whole batch of leather pieces approximately the length you want them...

Step 4:

Cut the loops at either end and you'll have a whole batch of leather pieces approximately the length you want them...

Step 5:

...and thread through the split ring...

Step 6:

...with the split ring in the middle or your strips of leather, fold them in half. Enclosing the split ring in the fold. Grab the 30" length you set aside and tie a slip knot. Leave a short tail end that is the same length as your folded tassle.

Step 7:

Slip the loop of your slip knot over the top of your tassle and slide it snugly closed like so, with the short tail pointing downwards towards the end of the tassle.

Step 8:

Then take the long tail and wrap it tightly around the neck of your tassle covering the slip knot as you go. When you have all but run out of tail, thread the end into a needle and pass it through/behind the wrapped part. Pull tightly to secure.

Step 9:

Bunch the end of your tassle together and trim the ends to even them out..

Step 10:

Aaaaand you're done! Your leather tassle is ready for some keys...or simply to add a pop of colour to a leather bag ...

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Love this! Want to make it in our DIY studios. Do you mind if I use the tutorial and credit you, or course?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea for a key ring etc. a suggestion would be to wet the leather when yo wrap it around your former be it a book or even length of ply it will help get the key ring folded over and take out the coil effect from the reel and once dry give you nice straight lengths of leather.... with minimal of cut to even up the open ends....


    4 years ago

    Not sure where that question mark came from! Was meant to be a smiley face, lol!