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I do a lot of hand sewing. I have never been able to get used to my silver thimble, which looks lovely but I just can't get used to using it.

I have seen leather thimbles for sale and wanted to try one. I know they are inexpensive but I do like to have a go at making things before I buy.

So here it is, it 'aint pretty but works great.

What you will need:


Sewing machine - or sew by hand - you will need a thimble for that :)



Step 1: Cutting Your Leather

I have some scrap leather which I cut from a friends sofa that was going to the tip. It has been useful and I have made many things with it.

I cut a rectangle piece from it.

I wrapped it around my middle finger to see how big it needed to be and trimmed it down accordingly.

Step 2: Marking and Thread Choosing

Once trimmed I folded it in half and used a fabric marker to mark around the edge where I wanted to sew. I marked a rounded line around the top, finger shaped :)

I then pondered which thread to choose, I went for brown.

Step 3: Sewing

When sewing leather it is usually better to use a leather needle. I do have a leather needle but couldn't find it, typical.

I sewed around the edge where I had marked with the fabric marker. I tried it on and decided to make it slightly tighter. This is because the leather is bound to stretch a little with use.

I then trimmed off the excess leather close to the stitching, less leather to get in the way whilst stitching.

Step 4: Finished Product

Here it is finished. much larger than my silver thimble and as I mentioned earlier not as pretty, but for me things have to have a practical use so my silver thimble is now on my shelf looking nice and my leather thimble is in my large sewing case laying flat and not bulking it out.

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    Reply 2 years ago

    Great. And you improved it with a reinforcement patch. I may have to make myself another ;)


    3 years ago

    I've never been able to use a metal thimble either, thanks for the instructions!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Glad it is of some use :)

    alisonbPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes, aren't they just! I am late to the party, and just seen that you are way ahead of me and published an instructable on this some time ago :)

    Penolopy Bulnickalisonb

    Reply 3 years ago

    They are really nice to have; I use mine a lot when I knit, actually :)