DIY Leather Watch Band




Materials 3–5 oz. weight leather heavy waxed thread Tools leather punch #00 leather sewing needles rotary knife end punches or scissors Ruler X acto knife

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Step 1: Gather Leather Material

Shell Cordovan works best.

Step 2: Gather Watch Accessories

You can find them at an old watch shop, thrift stores, or just take springer out of your old watch that broke...

Step 3: Use Xacto Knife to Cut Leather

Can be 13/16 inches wide and 11.25 inches long. Round the ends, or use an end punch to cut a clean end. Length wise just measure your wrist and add an inch for slack, cinch and error

Step 4: Use Wax Wire String to Weave Punched Holes Through Clasps

This step requires small holes to be punched evenly so that you may slide the buckle in to a fold over and knotted end. Method wise — one hole on each side is best to stitch. You can punch the holes with a #00 punch, or use an awl for the stitch holes and a larger punch for the buckle holes.

Step 5: Use Hole Punch to Make Cinch Holes

For the other end all you need are small holes 1/4 inch apart... Make sure they aren't too large Once your hardware holes are marked, you can cut the hardware loose from the ugly strap and stitch them into the new leather piece. You can experiment with stitches and designs.

Step 6: Now Take the Time Piece and Slide It Onto the Band

Center in so that you can make sure that even if the leather loosens after a while-- that it won't be too off center. When you’re done stitching, tie the ends together underneath the fold of the leather and cut your ends.

Step 7: Now You Can Tell Time All on the DIY

Enjoy the luxury of something made by you for you and for others. These make great gifts!

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    3 years ago

    Quote "Materials 3–5 oz. weight leather" - that's a typo - I suppose you meant to write "3 to 5oz" or "3 - 5oz"?