DIY Led Night Light




Introduction: DIY Led Night Light

About: Electrical and control engineer

This light was designed to be nice , soft , gentle light for nurseries , baby rooms .

I designed this light as my wife complained the the usual lights just didn't fit her needs .

This light has good luminance but it's spread around the room so this gives a nice gentle light for night feeds

The video of the finished project

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Step 1: Preparing the Material

Here I have taken a part an old ikea lamp a part and measured the length of the Led strips to put in . I cut the light socket as it won't be needed anymore.
I used 12v Led strips that I had lying around

Step 2:

Step 3: Fix Power Supply in Place

I have bought a cheap small 12v power supply on eBay for €2 which is bivolt (110v-220v).

So red is positive +12v which you connect to the positive of the Led strip.

The black is the ground 0v so you can connect it to the negative of the Led strips.

So if you connect it wrong it wont work .

I salvage the cable and switch from the old light .

So here the PSU already come with the same electrical standard .

The standard here is brown is live
Blue is neutral
And green and yellow is earth which this psu doesn't have one.

I used an AC joint clamp to make the connections.

I placed the psu where the old light fixing was placed and it only need I little bit of cutting and it sitted in perfect.

If anyone wants any part used here I can post it

Step 4:

Step 5: Job Done

Here is the light on the wall working

It's a great help during the night which the baby as it gives a very soft light during night.

You can use multicoloured leds with a IR controller or wireless controller .

You just need to connect it in series with the leds. It usually comes with connections that you can screw in

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    2 years ago

    That's an adorable lamp :) The bright light really makes the pinhole effect stand out more!