DIY Lemon Infused Sea Salt

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Lemon infused sea salt is a great flavor addition or finishing salt. Super easy to make and very elegant. Use it on fish, meat, in desserts, anywhere you can think of. I use Fleur de Sel in this recipe. Fleur de Sel is a delicate salt that forms as sea water evaporates and was traditionally used for medicinal purposes, more recently becoming a popular choice for culinary purposes, primarily as a finishing salt and not as a salt replacer in recipes.

Step 1: BoM

1 tsp zest per 1/4 cup sea salt

1/2 tsp lemon juice per 1/4 cup sea salt

sea salt

Airtight container

Step 2: Zest

Zest your entire lemon. I don't have an actual zester, so I use a cheese grater.

Step 3: Dry

Mix the zested lemon with the rind in a bowl. Sprinkle on 1 tsp of lemon juice. On tin foil or a cookie sheet, spread out your salt mixture and allow to dry.

Step 4: Store

Transfer your salt mixture to an airtight container and keep for up to 3 months. As your salt runs low, you can add more zest and salt to keep the infusion going.



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    3 Discussions

    Nancy JG

    1 year ago

    Sorry, but this is not clear to me: "Mix the zested lemon with the rind in a bowl."
    You're supposed to put the whole lemon in the bowl? In the pictures, I only see salt and zest.

    1 reply
    Not_TashaNancy JG

    Reply 1 year ago

    I meant lemon juice, I'll fix that. You want to zest the whole lemon.


    1 year ago

    Looks great. Would be useful to cook a whole fish or chicken in salt crust while adding flavour!