DIY Lens Filter to Create Colorful & Dreamy Video Effects for Your Movies

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This DIY lens filters can help you create a colorful and dreamy effect for your video without using After Effects. You can achieve those fancy glows and colors easily with this trick! No Photoshop or After Effects is required! All you need is a plastic zip bag or sandwich bag, some elastic bands and colored markers.

Step 1: Cut the Plastic Zip Bag Into Two Square/rectangle Plastic Films.

Step 2: Color the Plastic Film Using Any Colored Marker You Like.

You can use one color and a combination of different colors as you like.

Step 3: When You Finish Coloring, Make a Hole in the Center of the Filter. It Allows You to Have Focus in the Center and Blur Around the Edges While Filming.

Step 4: Wrap the Finished Film Over Your Lens Using an Elastic Band. Make Sure the Side With Colors Is Facing Out So Those Colors Won't Ruin Your Lens!

Now you are ready to shoot some hazy and ethereal videos! Try as many colors as you want and share your videos with us!

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