DIY LiPo Li-Ion Battery Charger From Old Cellphone




About: My name is Alen and i study electronic engineering. I love to make anything that needs electricity, hack and mod things as well building anything AWESOME...

Do you need LiPo or Li-Ion charger but new one or kit is just too expensive?
Well i got same problem and they can cost up to 20$
Luckly i got old phone and it have integrated charging circuit which i need
It can charge 1 LiPo or Li-Ion battery and since i removed battery that is used to remember date and time when i plug battery time will be 00:00 so i can see how long i'm charging battery
I couldnt find original charger but online i found it used 4.95v 500 ma charger so i build my own using lm7805 voltage regulator
Also i put power switch from phone and screen on clear panel and leds from phone keyboard are used for nice green light
For connector i used some 3 pin and solder it on old battery tabs and for battery input i've put pins +- and middle one so i can charge any LiPo,Li-Ion battery that have 2 or 3 pins 

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    3 years ago

    great ideas! Thank you! Very creative. My gf thinks I collect too much electronics other ppl throw away and now Imy cell phone collection will grow even more. Just in case ;). In general I salvage electronics at a rate where I get scared. Where is the world going? Most things I find arent even broken anomore. Xbox 360, microwave, power tools, photo equipment, . Lost count of all perfectly ok or mildly malfunctioning stuff I found only this year..

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    3 years ago

    Nice use of an old phone. Ingenious. Next time perform better documentation to inspire fellow DIYs.

    This would be allot better if you had a step by step Instructable on how you built this.
    Please take some time if possible and explain you're method, I would like to build something like this.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    you just need to remove the electronics from cell phones, but carefully becouse it has to work then just solder the wires from the charger (cellphone charger like i showed on schematics but if you have original phone charger then you dont need 7805) to the input (the connector) or connect a charger to cellphone
    on the battery input put the female connector (any connector) and on battery put male connector (it is important that connectors can go into each other) and then just turn your cellphone on and you can see battery status and charge it (if its pluged into wall)