DIY Lichtenberg Generator




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Disclaimer: This project involves possibly fatal doses of electricity, and should not be attempted unless you are certain that you know what you are doing. This is how to turn a scrap microwave into a DIY Lichtenberg generator which is a powerful tool and can make beautiful arcs of plasma and burn amazing patterns into wood.

Step 1: Video

Please watch the video tutorial for a more in depth explanation. Please like comment and subscribe.

Step 2: Find a Microwave to Take Apart

To begin with make sure that the microwave is unplugged, then its metal cover should be taken off this is relatively simple as it is only held on by screws. Opening the microwave is very dangerous due to the fact that inside the microwave is a capacitor which could carry a lethal dose of electricity and should be safely drained or discharged, disconnected and then remove before anything else is done.

Step 3: Remove the Transformer

This should be done next as this is the necessary component for the build. It should be relatively simple to remove as it should only be held in by screws.

Step 4: Rewiring the Transformer

Remove the mains plug from the back of the microwave and connect the positive and negative wires to the two inputs on the primary coil, the polarity doesn't matter. Then attach one wire to the secondary coil and one to the metal housing, these will conduct the current to the piece of wood.

Step 5: Enjoy the Finished Product

Connect the two output wires to either metal screws or nails pushed into a piece of wood, the mix a solution of two teaspoons of baking soda in a large cup of water and apply this solution between the electrodes then plug in the machine and stand back. When the machine is plugged in do not touch it, the wires or the wood as it could kill you. All ways unplug the machine before going near the wood.



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