DIY Light Ribbon Painter

Introduction: DIY Light Ribbon Painter

I enjoy light painting, however I have no skills at all with electronics.  Plus I like to travel light when I go out.  This setup easily fits in my camera bag and weighs practically nothing.  

Step 1: Required Parts

1.  PVC Pipe
            I chose a 12" Long Extension tube. The bottom fitting just happen to perfectly fit my flashlight.
2.  Flashlight
3.  Dremel Cutting Kit
4.  Dremel (I don't own a Dremel so I just attached the blade to my drill)
5.  Colored Gels
             I used transparent folders at $.50 each. 
6.  Velcro
7.  Aluminum Foil
8.  Glue

Step 2: Cutting the Trench

Using the Dremel blade cut a trench into the PVC Pipe. 

Remove and discard the unneeded plastic.

Coat the inside of the pipe in glue

Line the inside of the pipe in the Aluminum foil.  I blocked the top end of the pipe to stop light spilling through. 

Step 3:

Cut your colored gels the fit around the PVC pipe. 

Use the Velcro to secure the colored Gels. 

Step 4: Paint With Light

Insert the Flashlight into the bottom and begin your light painting.  As, noted my flashlight fits perfectly in the pipe.  If you are not a lucky, I recommend using gaffer or duct tape to keep your flashlight secure and stop light from spilling out the bottom.  

You'll need a dark room.  The Light Painter provides a ribbon appearance with bright a dim spots depending on how the light reflects off the foil. 

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great job, Bud!... You've certainly given me something to think about.