DIY Light Up Drumsticks




Introduction: DIY Light Up Drumsticks

Good drummer? Bad Drummer? Not a drummer? It doesnt matter, because with these sticks it won't matter how you sound, because the streaks of light will blow the audience's mind!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

For this project tools you will need include:

-A saw mill (Or a hand saw with a vice grip)
-Electric Drill
-Soldering Iron / Solder


-LED light (I found mine in a giveaway flashing ring, because it had a switch built in)
- Small Light switch
-Batteries as needed (Depending on your LED)
-Thin Electrical wire (about 9 in.)
-Electrical Tape
-Sand Paper

Step 2: Making the Groove, and Hole

 Using the saw mill, make a groove through the entire stick. It should only be about a 1mm deep. Clean out the groove using sand paper. Then using a drill, make a hole at the tip of the stick, that ends coming out of the side of the groove.

Step 3: Making the Light

      Measure the wire to the stick, and cut off any excess wire, leaving about an inch of slack. Then, solder the switch to the end. 
     Put a small drop of epoxy on the connection, to prevent short circuts.

Step 4: Laying in the Wire.

         Next, snake the wire in the groove and through the hole at the tip. 
After this, solder the LED to the empty end, (Keep in mind that LEDs only work one way, so when you put the batteries in, remember to try both directions, if it doesn't work at first.) Epoxy that connection also. 
        Finally, once the wire is in the groove, secure it with epoxy. When this dries it will form a hard and dry surface, so it does not affect the grip of the stick.

Step 5: Battery Attatchment

           Finally, Attatch the battery to the switch, and connect them with electric tape.


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    8 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

     That would work, but this was the first time i made one of these, and it was a spare (old drumstick)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    you could always use an Ahead drumstick and take off the end bead and butt end and all the wires and batteries could fit inside the handle since theyre hollow


    10 years ago on Introduction

     A video is on its way. And I tried drilling a wider hole the first time I made this, but it weakend the stick too much, and if you reinforce the wiring enough, with epoxy, beating the stick doesn't do much. (Atleast for me)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'd suggest drilling a wider hole into the tip of the stick to make the LED recessed and then fill the gaps with epoxy. if its sticknig out liek that it wont survive a hard beating.