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Introduction: DIY Light-up Halloween Candy Cauldron

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With Halloween around the corner, trick or treating will be on the mind. Why not make your very own light-up candy cauldron to take out with you - or simply use it as a prop for your big party!

Below is a handy video guide lasting just under 4 minutes :)

Step 1: Tools and Materials

For this project, you'll need these tools and materials:

- Plastic punch bowl (I found mine in Poundland)

- Button cell powered LED string lights (ebay link below)

- Hot glue gun and glue sticks

- Masking tape

- Electric drill and 4mm drill bit

- Metal coat hanger

- Pliers

- Shiny silver card

- Black spray paint

- An old pen (thick enough to hold like a gripper)

Ebay LED string link

Step 2: Tape Down the LED String

Use the masking tape to tape down the LED string in a spiral around the outside of the bowl. Tape the battery pack to the inside of the bowl so it's easy to get to but out the way.

Step 3: Glue the LEDs Down

Start at the battery-holder end of the LED string, one at a time, hot glue the LEDs onto the bowl. Remove the pieces of tape one at a time to help keep tension in the wire.

Step 4: Mask Off the LEDs

Cut small pieces of masking tape to protect the LEDs for the spray painting later on.

Step 5: Optional: Cover Up Bowl's Opening

Next up, cut strips of masking tape to cover over the bowl's opening. Trim the ends of the pieces off to neaten them up. This helps to protect the inside of the bowl when spraying.

Step 6: Preparing the Handle

Take an old pen and carefully use a knife to remove both ends. If there are any sharp bits inside, twist a pair of scissors inside to bore it out.

Step 7: Spraying Time!

Find a well ventilated space and give your handle and bowl a good spraying all over. To help the pen stay upright, drill and screw a screw into an old board and place the pen on top of it! Allow a good 40 minutes to dry before touching - you don't want fingerprints!

Step 8: Remove Protective Tape

Peel back all the tape to reveal your freshly painted cauldron! Turn the LEDs on to make sure they haven't taken any paint.

Step 9: Adding Decorative Stars

Cut some star shapes (the same number as your LEDs) out of silver card and punch or cut holes in the middle of them. Then, add a ring of hot glue around each LED and stick the stars down so the LEDs poke through the holes. Again, turn on the lights on to check they shine through!

Step 10: Attaching the Handle

Use a pair of pliers to straighten out a metal coat hanger. Thread the hollowed out pen onto the wire and bend it down on both sides of the hanger. Next, snip the hanger off around 15cm from the pen on either side and bend the ends in to form a hook. Bend the hanger ends in and thread the hooked ends through the holes in the cauldron. Finally, bend the hooked ends in on themselves a bit so they don't flick back through the holes.

Step 11: Time to Trick-or-treat!

Congratulations, you're finished! Time to finish off that costume or fill it with sweets for anyone who comes to visit your door!

Thanks for checking out the instructable and I hope you feel inspired to try it out yourself!

Step 12:

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