DIY Lip Scrub

Introduction: DIY Lip Scrub

Don’t know about you but my lips are constant attention seeking…I always need to keep them moisturised other wise they tend to get dry and chapped so easily!

I love to ex-foliate them esp just before I apply a lip balm (my favourite being the carmex range and the cherry one at that…) So heres a quick 2 minute tip to help keep them healthy looking and gets rid off all the dead skin cells. For this you’ll need a pea sized amount of honey and a pinch of brown sugar. Mix them together (add a drop of water or milk if its too much of a gooey consistency)
Rub the mixture onto your lips in a circular motion and rinse off with luke warm water.
The other quick tip is to rub a generous amount of Vaseline (A must have product!) onto your lips and scrub in circular motions with a soft toothbrush.

(This works a treat when your in rush) MaenaS x

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