DIY Lithium LiFePo4 12v 18 Amp Battery

Introduction: DIY Lithium LiFePo4 12v 18 Amp Battery

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Hey! everyone My name is Steve

Today I’m Gonna show how I build this 12V 4S3P LiFePo4 Battery Pack With BMS and Balance Charging

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Let's Start

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Step 1: Features

Total Output Power

  • 18000 mAh @ 12.8V

Input Power " Charging "

  • 9000 mAh Constant Current
  • 14.6v Constant Voltage

Built-in Protection

  • Over Load Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Heat Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Cell Balancing

Note - Please see the images for better understanding

Step 2: Thing I've Used





Note - Please see the images for better understanding

Step 3: LiFePo4 Battery

These are really high-quality FBTech 32650 Cells this cells can easily get you 2000-2500 Cycles these are rated for 3C I’ve Personally Capacity Tested these cells and the result 100% what they are Rated for and I got 6000mAh

I love this Chemistry LiFePo4

Note - Please see the images for better understanding

Step 4: Sponsor

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Step 5: Wiring Diagram

Note - Please see the images for better understanding

Step 6: Assembly

  • Make sure all the batteries are at the same voltage and same capacity
  • Now Assemble the holders
  • Now put one by one cell into the battery holders
  • Now use Kapton tape to tape it all

Kapton Tape - it is used to avoid the heat basically it is a heat resistance tape

Note - Please see the images for better understanding

Step 7: Welding

For Welding, I Used Spot Welder don't use soldering Iron It may damage your battery

  • Now cut down the Nickle plated strip tape at the Right Length
  • First, make a pair of 3 parallel battery as shown in the picture
  • and then connect all the 4 pair in series
  • This connection is called 4S 3P
  • You can also see the connection diagram above

4S - Stands for 4 Series

3P - Stands for 3 Parallel

Note - Please see the images for better understanding

Step 8: Battery Management System

To insulate the BMS From Battery I used 2-3 layer of Kapton Tape and Dual Sided tape

Note - Please see the images for better understanding

Step 9: BMS Wiring

I used 22 AWG Silicone wire and cut it to the right length and soldered wire according to Wiring Diagram and used XT60 As Output

Note - Please see the images for better understanding

Step 10: Finished

The Battery Has Been Finished I used a 55 Watt Car Headlight Bulb H4 to Test It and it Glows Very Bright

That's all for today guys!

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You Just Made It

Thank you for visiting my Instructables Stay tuned for next Projects

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    3 Discussions

    Andrea PaolaC
    Andrea PaolaC

    16 days ago on Step 5

    Me puedes explicar este diagrama ?
    Y cómo es el nombre de esa tarjeta? Y qué trabajo hace esta tarjeta?


    Andrea PaolaC
    Andrea PaolaC

    17 days ago on Step 10

    Hola, yo tengo un proyecto para un drone.
    Tengo un drone matrice 600 y tiene una capacidad de vuelo de 40 minutos, necesito hacer que vuele 60 minutos. Había pensado en juntar sus bateria solo en paralelo para que aumente la corriente y de ese modo aumente el tiempo de vuelo de este drone. ¿Voy por el camino correcto?


    4 weeks ago

    The problem as I see it seems to be securing cells that actually are what you purchase . There are 90 % fraud cells on Ali express.
    Do you have a direct link to the cells you actually tested and used?

    There is a link to ali express but that sellers comments have some pretty bad reports in it.

    I wish to build one of these but at $9 a pop I'm reluctant to just take chances.
    BTW if you pull more than .5C current out of an LFP ,LiFePo4 cell you will seriously degrade the cells and cycle times. At 5 Ah per cell thats 2.5 Amps per cell draw or 7.5 amps for 3 in parallel so I would not draw any more than 7.5 Amps continuous for any length of time from your completed battery if you want them to be long lived . The technology for LFP has not changed for 5 years.
    Good Instructable though Thanks.