DIY LitterWand With Litterati

Introduction: DIY LitterWand With Litterati

Hello Eco-Warriors!

In this instructable, I will be explaining how to build your own "LitterWand". This tool can be used to efficiently collect, record, categorize, and dispose of litter. Recording and categorizing the litter is done via the mobile application, Litterati. Download the Litterati app here.

The LitterWand shown above consists of 3 different parts: a grabber tool, phone mount, and bluetooth button. The Amazon links to each part are included in the "Supplies" section below. I've outline each part below:

1) Grabber Tool: The grabber tool is from Amazon and costs less than $20. Although this grabber is on the more expensive end, it is sturdier and should last longer than cheaper alternatives. However, any functioning grabber tool that can collect and dispose of litter will work for this part. If you already have one at home, the phone mount and bluetooth button can be added directly onto it.

2) Phone Mount: The phone mount is $7.99 and includes a built-in compass and flashlight. This phone mount is special because it is perpendicular to the device that you will mount it on. This ensures your phone camera will be able to view the litter as you collect it with the grabber, allowing you to take a picture within Litterati as you dispose of the litter.

3) Bluetooth Button: The bluetooth shutter key below is $6.99 ($8.99 for a 2-pack) and will be used to click as you pick up each item of litter. The bluetooth shutter key will wirelessly take a picture on your mounted phone camera with each press of the button. Similar to the grabber tool, any bluetooth shutter button/clicker will work for this part. However the link I provided is the lowest-cost option available on Amazon.


Grabber Tool

Phone Mount

Bluetooth Button

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Step 1: Secure the Phone Mount

Attach the phone mount directly to the (rubber) shaft of the grabber tool.

Make sure to fasten the phone mount as closely to the handle as you can. This will make the LitterWand easier to hold if you plan on using it routinely.

Step 2: Attach the Bluetooth Button

Glue the Bluetooth shutter key directly to the handle.

Make sure to attach the bluetooth device to the area of the handle where your thumb will rest as you hold it.

(For right-handed users, put the button on the left side of the handle; for left-handed users (like me!), make sure to put the button on the right side.)

Then, you can click the button with your thumb as you squeeze the grabber with your pointer and middle finger.

Before you glue, double-check that the handle feels comfortable to hold with the bluetooth button in place, and voila! I used hot glue, but super glue will work fine as well.

Step 3: Test Your LitterWand

Now that you’ve added the phone mount and bluetooth button to your grabber tool, you should have a functioning LitterWand!

Now you can go outside to a littered area and collect some data! With each piece that you collect with the grabber, click the bluetooth button with your thumb to take a picture of the litter as you collect/dispose of it.

Litterati allows users to either take pictures directly within the app or upload photos from your native gallery (if you don't have service while you collect).

Once photos have been uploaded, the LitterAI in the Litterati app will suggest tags for each piece of litter you photograph.

Tag these pieces of litter using the C.O.M.B taxonomy and track your overall impact using Litterati’s new data dashboard.

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