DIY Longboard Skateboard "Deck" Graphics




Introduction: DIY Longboard Skateboard "Deck" Graphics

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DIY deck Graphics, i should have planned the design before i hit it off in the deck..
its not good looking but it cost me my time so im happy to share it with you :)​

1. Took the trucks off my longboard. measure the size of the deck for the grip tape ( for this one i used black and transparent tape) you already knew this one :)

2. Put on Audrey Kawasaki's Art on the top then place the transparent grip tape.

3. Moving on to the back of the deck. I waste paints on this one, because it smudges and it didn't stick well to the board. I had to sand down the parts inside of my sketch so it could soak into the wood. I use cheap enamel paint (worth 30php) in hardware and there are all types of colors. I recommend to mix the paint instead of buying them all.

4. I began to outline and fill in detail with some paint pen
(available in national bookstore for 50 php) it sticks really well and doesn't ware off . For enamel paint i recommend to sand it down because it was frustrating that it smudges all over the place.

5. You can also use acrylic paints but again sand paper the whole thing then spray it with clear coat after painting them so it will not take off.

6. Decided to spice it up with some colors..and to cover some mistakes then used clear spray to finish it off and seal it.

thank you for reading! so here it is.. :)

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