DIY Longboarding Gloves From Household Items

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Are you thinking about buying a set of Longboard sliding gloves but can't justify spending $70+ on a set. Well why not make some longboarding gloves from stuff laying around the house.
If you cant find the things you need simply buy them from a dollar store. All you need is:
- A pair of clean gardening gloves or leather rigging gloves
- Old Chopping board
- superglue or 2 part epoxy
- A saw

First cut the chopping board up into rectangles. Cut one large piece for the main palm puck, a small square for the thumb and depending what you want cut four small pieces for the fingers or one long piece that joins all the fingers. Smooth the edges of the pucks with either sand paper or simply ground the edges on a concrete path. Then mix equal parts of Epoxy A and B and spread thickly over the bottom of the pucks. Place the glued pucks to the glove and apply some weight to the glove and leave to dry. If the pucks haven't fully stuck to the glove the apply more glue around the edges to seal the pucks.

- Add a long thin puck below the palm puck to prevent grazing your wrist.
- The more glue you use the better.
- The $1.50 garden gloves are surprisingly durable when pucks are placed correctly.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I made these and they work very well also, I made it so that there are joints on the fingers it is a decent replacement.


    5 years ago

    Love to see people making these. I personally recommend using a single puck for the fingers, like you mention, because it's easy to twist a single finger. Personal preference. Great job!