DIY Looking for the Invisibility

Introduction: DIY Looking for the Invisibility

There are many ways to create invisibility, with expensive or inexpensive materials. On this occasion, we will show you an easy way to create invisibility with different systems. Our project is based on John Howell’s studies, who is a professor at the University of New York.

Invisibility has been a fantasy and many people has talked about it since many years ago. However, it has not been recreate perfectly.

For our project, what we do is to use the refraction of light that is created around an object in order to make it "invisible".

Step 1: Materials and Work Team

- Glass

- Glue for glass

- Water and oil

- Two objects

Step 2: Prepare the Water Tanks

First of all, we had cut the glass with the measures already indicated. Then, we proceed to stick them forming the letter “L”. Finally, we let it dry for 3 hours approximately.

Step 3: ¿Water or Oil?

After having armed the tank, we filled it with water, because it has a refractive index that deflects the light, creating a field of "invisibility" between the two tanks. In this field of invisibility is where we put the object that we want to camouflage and behind the second tank we put the other object. This second object can be seen through the glass, making that the first object can´t be seen.

The refractive index of water is 1.33 and of the oil is 1,4. So the light will be more refracted with the oil.

Step 4: Prepare the Device

After having the tanks ready and filled with water or oil at least half, we separate them 40 cm so that both points are looked at.

We have to mentioned that the wider the base of the tank is, the less the object will be seen. This is because the invisibility field is bigger.

Step 5: Watch What Happen

When you see it at a 90° angle through the glass you won´t see the object between the two tanks, while the other object, behind the other tank, is visible.
In addition, if you use oil, the object will be seen less visible due to the fact that the index of refraction increase, contrary to when you use just water. This project will be amazing if we make smaller glasses that could help the surgeon to do the surgeries easier or just to impress your friends.

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