DIY Lush Inspired Shower Jellies!




Introduction: DIY Lush Inspired Shower Jellies!

I found these really fun and very "Tumblr" to make!

Kids would love to have something fun to do in the bath or shower, even adults or teens. These shower jellies are perfect for any skin type, and won't lose their shape if stored in a good area ( we will get into that later) But lets start making these fun shower jellies!

Step 1: 1 Packet of Unflavored Gelatin

Take one packet of Unflavored gelatin, and pour it into your mixing bowl.

Step 2: Boiling Water

Please be careful at this step, if you are young have a parent do it for you.


Boil 3/4 cups of water, and then add it to your unflavored gelatin.

Step 3: Salt

Add a 1/2 tsp of salt, more can dry out your skin when using it.

Step 4: Body Wash Time!

This is where you can now take your favorite body wash!


1/2 Cup of any body wash you prefer to use,

Optional Steps at this point:

-Body Glitter

-Food Coloring

-Essential oil

(if your body wash has color to it then I would advise you to not put in any food coloring)

Step 5: Pour It in Your Molds!

You don't have to have any special molds you can just be creative!

Here are some ideas if you can't think of one:

- A cup

- Ice cube tray

- Cupcake tin

- Any small containers


After you are done pouring the mixture into your molds, place it in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight for a better shower jelly! :)

Step 6: Here Is How One of Mine Turned Out!

Check out the video, to follow along with the steps and to see how well it lathers!

Step 7: Video!!

Hope you guys liked the video and instructions to learning how to make these cute and fun Lush inspired shower jellies!!

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    4 years ago

    I'm going to try this out for my kids


    4 years ago

    So fun!