DIY Macro Lens for Your Cam

Hey!in this instructable I'm gonna show you where to get a macro lens (free) and how to make a strap to hold it still and take incredible macro pictures.
The materials you need are :
- laser pointer ( any cheap one will do just fine)
- a rubber bracelet or thick rubber band

The tools:
- a puncher ( preferable ) or a pin

Step 1: Getting the Laser Pointer

For this step you could (probably should) buy the cheapest laser pointer you can find. To do this you can easily unscrew the top of the pointer and the lens should come out.Or cut the laser open on the front part(where the light comes out) and u will find a lens, and that's the lens you need. If u hold up the lens in front of a camera u can see the power of the lens,and you should see why we need to create a way to hold it still.

Step 2: Keep It Still

For this step you'll need a thick rubber band (or a rubber bracelet) note that the rubber band (or rubber bracelet) must be tight on the device you wish to use the lens with,and you'll also need a hole puncher (preferable).
First punch a hole into the rubber band(or rubber bracelet) using a puncher,or you could cut a hole using a needle or anything pointy,but make sure the hole isn't bigger than the lens and it would be even better if the hole is smaller than the lens.
Now squeeze the lens through the hole, and make sure it very tight.
Tip:stretch the rubber band (or rubber bracelet) before punching it because when you stretch the rubber band (or rubber bracelet) around your device the hole you made for the lens becomes smaller.

Step 3: Take Amazing Pics!

Now put the band around your device and place the lens in front of the camera's original lens,and TADA!!!



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    Hey this is pretty neat


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