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Introduction: DIY Magazine Bowl!

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Hi, in this tutorial I will be showing you how to make this amazing bowl made of old magazines! This took me about an hour and a half so set aside a bit of time.

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Step 1: Materials

For this tutorial you'll need

  • Magazine
  • Glue (Hot Glue or Gluestick Will Do)

Step 2: Rip

Rip out about 60-70 pages from your magazine

Step 3: Fold the Panels

Take a sheet of your magazine and fold it in half the long way, now unfold. Next, take the left side and fold it into the center, do that again on the same side(left). Repeat this with the right side too. Fold again in half to create a panel. Continue this with all of the sheets.

Step 4: Sushi!!

Take one of your panels and roll it up so its about the same size as a piece of sushi, use a little glue to keep it that way. Now take another panel and glue it onto where you left off, roll it like you did the first time and now glue it in place. Keep repeating until you have used all of your panels.

Step 5: Bring It Up

Now take your HUGE roll of "sushi" and bring the outer edges up a little. Next, take some of the inner rings and bring them up right under the first few. Repeat this until you have gotten to the last 5 middle rings, make sure they are level so your bowl can stand up.

Step 6: VIOLA

Wow, now you have an amazing bowl to elevate your stylish home or to give to a friend! If you liked this instructable please favorite, share, or comment!

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