DIY Magic Bullet





Introduction: DIY Magic Bullet

You can easily turn your blender into a Magic Bullet and create awesome smoothies, sauces, salad dressings, marinades, salsa, baby food and even whip cream! The possibilities are endless. All you need is a blender and a standard mason jar. Wide mouth jars won't work with this hack because the base of the blender won't fit on a wide-mouth, but fits perfect with the standard. This should work with most blenders, but no guarantees.

* Caution * Never use Hot Liquids, which can cause the glass to break and potentially cause harm to yourself and ruin your food.

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Step 1: Tools and Ingredients



Standard Mason Jar - Not Wide Mouth

Ingredients :

Ice - Half a jar of but will vary depending on what you are making

1/2 cup strawberries - Rinsed and sliced

1 1/2 bananas - peeled and sliced

Half a jar of ice cubes

Orange Juice - 1/2 Cup

Place ice along with the fruit into the mason jar. Pour in the orange juice.

Step 2: Time to Hack

Warning - Be Cautious of Sharp Blades

Remove the base from the blender including the blade. Next carefully insert the blade face down into the mason jar. Screw in the base until it is nice and tight.

Step 3: Blend

Place the mason jar onto the blender and turn it until it is secure. Blend! I used the ice crush setting on my blender, but the settings will vary depending on what you make. Remove the jar from the blender and unscrew the base. Enjoy your smoothie right from the glass!



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    I thought this was pretty amazing, but the people in the comment section below don't seem to have the same opinion. Don't take them too seriously :)

    I really don't see the point. Just blend it in the blender and pour it into the jar if you want a jar, I would prefer a glass. It may save washing up as some have pointed out, but how long is washing up a blender jug going to take? Half a minute?

    16 replies

    If you have a house full of kids who all want different smoothies or shakes etc you'd suddenly see the point lol. My neighbor is going to love this idea when she's watching all 6 of the grandkids! :)

    I want the video of what happens when the grandkids spread liquid banana and broken mason jars on the tile kitchen floor or pool deck. Please post on you tube

    My 1960's Oster blender came with a small Mason type blender. It's never been a problem and hasn't broken in 50 years. What's the problem, do your grandkids break a lot of stuff?

    They drink from glass glasses everyday without breaking them so I frankly don't see what the difference would be. Yes 6 kids ranging in age from 4 to 11 can be hectic especially when they are there nearly daily but it doesn't have to spell disaster. I have dropped and broken glasses on occasion as an adult, accidents do happen, but it is not the end of the world if a glass gets broken. Mason jars are thicker glass so they actually don't break as easily and when they do they don't usually shatter like thinner glasses do anyway so it's even less of a big deal. Plus they are cheap to replace.
    I have come to the realization however, that no matter what I say you are just going to come back with something negative every time. What a sad way to live. I prefer to look on the positive side, take a few risks, relax and know that no matter what happens in my life the world keeps on turning and life goes on. I'm sorry there are so many negative people like you who are afraid to live in this world. If only we could all really appreciate we have it would be a better world for everyone. I hope someday you learn to let go of your negative attitude and learn to truly love life.

    Exactly. This guy just broke his blender so he could look like he has something he doesn't, without actually having it. This kind of instructable massively lowers the quality of the site and should be pulled.

    He didn't break his blender he just unscrewed the bottom like you do when you clean it. It may not be as much of an instructable as some but I found it to be a useful tip. When you have company that likes different things and some drink alcohol and some don't this would let everyone have what they want without having to wash the whole blender in between. I could see setting up a frozen drink bar where people put what they want in their jar, makes it easy to change to something else for your next one too! Also this would be great for making homemade sauces ahead of time in, instead of trying to get everything out of the blender all you have to do is unscrew the blade and put the lid on the mason jar. Soups, baby food, whipped cream...the list goes on with useful applications. I need to go buy some new mason jars now, all mine are wide mouth. :P

    Thats all very well, but you still have to wash the blades before making the next drink......which will take as much time as cleaning the original blender jug, and to be honest if I were setting up a frozen drink bar, I would not be serving my customers their beverages in jars......unless of course they were rednecks who seem to like drinking out of jars.

    Ever watch Gordon Ramsay on Hotel Hell? He set up a beer garden using mason jars as mugs. He's no redneck.... his restaurants have been awarded 15 Michelin stars.... although the hotel beer garden was in a college town in the south! :)

    Rinsing off the blades between drinks should not take as long as washing the whole blender pitcher for every guest. There is nothing wrong with using jars for a backyard bbq. Mason jars are used as drinking glasses all over the place not just by "rednecks". You can even buy ones with handles specifically for this purpose. There are other uses as I said as well that just make more sense to do in a jar. If I'm making a jar of homemade sauce why waste what I can't get off the sides of the blender when I'm going to put it in a jar anyway? If it's too beneath you or whatever then don't do it but don't put this guy down for sharing what most commenters feel is a great tip. I'm all for any suggestion that saves me time, money and effort personally.

    That's great, kaeldra. I forgot there were ones with handles for the MB. And it wouldn't be just "washing the whole blender pitcher for each guest," it would be washing the blade part as well. Definitely more work! I've always hated having to deal with a large, heavy blender jug and only did so if I had to whip up a huge batch of one thing.

    By frozen drink bar I meant at a social gathering, not a business. You know like a salad bar, taco bar, potato bar etc. where you have a themed food line setup. It's the term for it even if it's in your backyard with friends.

    I wouldn't want to eat at your house if you don't clean your food prep appliances properly.

    this is exactly the kind of instructable that this site needs.

    Uh, that blender isn't broken. That's how you take it apart to clean the base and the ring seal. I really, really hope you don't have a blender you have never ever disassembled to clean.

    He didn't break anything. He just used a different jar. Not much of an Instructable, but a good tip non-the-less, as long as the canning jar threads fit the blade cap threads. It may not work on all blenders, but it is a good idea if you don't want to get a whole blender AND a drink glass messy. Less food waste too. I love our 'Magic Bullet' type blender and this is a good idea for those who just have a regular blender.