DIY Magnetic Connectors

I'm crazy about inventing new things..... and thanks a lot to instructables website which helped ...

Intro: DIY Magnetic Connectors

Hello innovators !

I'm back with another interesting instructable ! i.e magnetic connectors !

By using this we can easily connect the AA , AAA, AAAA, C, D batteries in our projects ...i.e in which the battery uses the metallic contacts..!

so lets get started !!!

Step 1: Parts Required !

1. Neodymium magnets

2. soldering stick

3. wires

4. AA batteries.

Step 2: Soldering !

Just solder a wire to the neodymium magnet .... that's all it is so simple !

when I was soldering a wire to neodymium magnet... I thought that the heat will reduce the magnetic power of the neodymium magnet... but soldering doesn't affect the magnetic power of the magnet..!

and this is my youtube video ....

and if you have any suggestions plz comment below !



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    1 year ago

    Should mention that soldering to Ni is a pain, but if you do it right (ie low temperature indium solder) it works fine. The trick is to set the temperature of iron at the lower Curie (ie reversible) temperature for NIB magnets and use lots of flux.